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Build your own company and lead it to success!

Check your business, technological and scientific knowledge.

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We present to you the Sobato Game

An enterprise game - build a company from the start, while at the same time testing your knowledge of economics, technology and sciences.

Knowledge and challenge

Research and use different scientific methods. Check your knowledge of applied sciences, useful in a real business environment… in English!

Science and practice

Develop your business evenly, expand your practical and scientific knowledge. Everything might come in handy in the future. Take the road to success, step by step!

Planning and strategy

Which way is the most profitable for your company? Always think ahead. Make sure that your company can develop its full potential and make profit.

Improve yourself!


We believe that the most efficient way to learn is by having fun. We have created a line of modern business games that educate, entertain and inspire.

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Create your own game with us in three easy steps!

Tell us what you want, and we will help you create a unique concept.
We will create for you an application to answer all your needs.
Learning by playing
After creating an interactive game, go on to do the best – play.

Design gamification with us! Gamification is:

game mechanics to various areas of life.
to change for the better.
from what we are or should be doing anyway.

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This game was created by HolonGlobe for the Inkubator Starter company.

Starter Sobato HolonGlobe